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Testimonial Letter To Outreach Center
From the Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund

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January 9, 2002

Outreach Center
116 74th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11209

Dear Friends at the Outreach Center,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for the cherished $1000.00 contribution you have sent us. Your generosity has the power to perform miracles for children who are ill and on the road to recovery. I cannot begin to tell you how meaningful this is to the Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund.

Now your gift will start its journey�

�Will it join, with gifts of other friends like you, and help send a sick child to a life saving procedure in a special medical center somewhere in America?

�Will it transport a family via car service to a crucial treatment?

�Will it secure someone to stay with the children while a parent is in the hospital?

�Or maybe it will purchase a video game diverting the attention of a severely ill child from the throws of never ending suffering that engulfs him.

Your gift has already accomplished one thing. The children of Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund have a new friend, a friend they do not know and maybe will never know�a friend who sends a comforting hand from a great distance and touches their lives with continual tenderness and love.

Thank you so much, for finding a place in your heart for the Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund. Thank you for the concern you have shown the children we pray are on the road to survival. Your friendship and generosity mean the world to us.

Abraham Ziegler
Abraham Ziegler

P.S. We have enclosed a postage paid envelope for a future donation.

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