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Testimonial Letter To Outreach Center
From The National Childhood Cancer Foundation

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July 23, 2001

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Thank you for forwarding such a generous contribution from the Outreach Center in the amount of $1,000 towards the battle to Conquer Kids' Cancer. Please forgive the delay in this acknowledgement, I have been out of the office and was recently notified of your gift. As requested, included is the original acknowledgment letter for you to forward.

This gift, combined with those of many other thoughtful people, will touch the lives of thousands of youngsters in a very important way. It will support the lifesaving research into the causes and cures of childhood cancer, the number one disease killer of our children today. The work of our researcher partners has been responsible for most of the advances in childhood cancer treatment made in the last 40 years; it continues to be the only real hope for those youngsters who will face that battle tomorrow and next year.

Through the leadership of NCCF Trustees, staff, and our dedicated constituents, we are expanding the public's awareness of this vicious killer, and of research's spectacular successes to date. Still, there is so much more to be done until childhood cancer is conquered.

I thank you for your willingness to join us in the battle. Please accept our renewed thanks for your efforts, and my renewed apology for the tardiness of this letter of thanks.

Denis P. Keegant
Denis P. Keegant
Vice President for Development

440 East Huntington Drive P.O. Box 60012 Arcadia, California 91066-6012
(626) 447-1674 (800) 458-6223 www.nccf.org

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