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Testimonial Letter To Outreach Center
From the Boys Town Jerusalem Foundation

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December 25, 2000

Outreach Center
828 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Dear Friends,

Both personally, and on behalf of the students of Boys Town Jerusalem who are the direct beneficiaries of your assistance, I want to thank you for your $1,000 contribution toward our Scholarship Fund. An official receipt is enclosed. We make every effort to insure that your charitable gift will provide maximum benefit to the students of the school, versus administrative costs, etc. You will be gratified to know that Boys Town Jerusalem meets the Better Business Bureau Standards for Charitable Solicitation, as evidenced by their sanctioning the use of the statement which appears at the bottom of this letterhead and receipt.

A core philosophy of Boys Town Jerusalem is to look at who a student CAN be as opposed to who he is now. Accordingly, from its very beginnings in 1948, Boys Town admitted students that no other school would accept.

A recent case in point is a young blind boy who applied to our new School of Music and Arts. The program began last year with an enrollment of thirty. It is geared to the student who has interests in these areas, but is not inclined toward intensive Talmud study or a heavy computer-oriented curriculum. The program is obviously serving an important niche since the enrollment this year soared to more than 100 students.

Despite Chaim's (not his real name) disability, he plays four instruments. Since coming to Boys Town, his self-esteem has been nurtured and he is flourishing at the school. Most important, since we imbue all of our students with the concept of caring and doing for others, Chaim has found true friendship. It is heart warming to see how Chaim's fellow students take care of him, tend to his needs and assist him in any way possible. And, they do not out of a sense of obligation, but as an extension of the basic Torah teaching that we are able to emulate G-d's ways: just as He is merciful, so should we be; just as He is compassionate, so should we be�.

As a valued member of the Boys Town extended family, you can rightfully be proud and shep nachas. Your support enables Boys Town to fulfill its goal - which is not rhetoric, but a mission - turning young boys from limited backgrounds into young men with limitless futures.

With all best wishes for a Happy Chanukah, I am,

Rabbi Ronald L. Gray
Rabbi Ronald L. Gray
Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President

Turning Young Boys from Limited Backgrounds into Young Men with Limitless Futures

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