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Used and junk car donation charities began to spring up a few decades ago. While the economy has been through many peaks and valleys during that time, Americans have been donating an increasing number of cars year in and year out.

That only changed in the last 18 months, and for the first time in memory, people are taking a hard look at selling vs. donating their used cars.

As a result, when charity donations are most needed, people are less and less able to simply donate their car.

For those people still looking to donate a car, we would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to take your car donation. We're different for a few reasons.

First, while most car donation charities offer free car removal and a $500 tax deduction, we work hard to provide more. By breaking used cars down for spare parts, shopping them around for resale and at auction, we strive to generate the most revenue possible for donated cars. That not only helps the most children in need, it can also make it possible for your car donation to earn you the biggest tax deduction.

Second, we work with many children's charities and seek to find the ones that do the most good. Sometimes your car donation to the Outreach Center helps food pantries, sometimes they provide college scholarships, and sometimes it provides shelter and clothing.

Your car donation has the potential to help dozens of children's charities, and our organization has years of experience turning donated cars into the most help possible.

Your Junk Car or Used Car to Outreach Center for Kids For more information please call us at


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If you are interested in making a car donation or may want to give to cars for kids or just looking for car charities, we can help.

Your car donation is dedicated to addressing the needs of children and their families, including their education, emotional, material and spiritual needs.
Although we are a Jewish organization and most of the donations go to help Jewish children, we also contribute to non-Jewish charities. If you would like the proceeds of your donation to go to a specific charity of any denomination, please ask one of our representatives

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