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Donated RV Given to Mother of Five Children

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Brooklyn, NY (July 18, 2008) - The Outreach Center for Children, which provides services to children in need across the country from the donations of automobiles, today presented Victoria Meyers, a mother of five children from Hudson, Ohio with a donated RV to serve as the family's temporary home while the mother searches for a new job.

Recently let go from her po-sition as General Manager of a Holiday Inn in Hudson, Ohio, Meyers, through the assistance of a local aid organization, found herself housed in a nearby hotel with her husband and five children, ages 2-16. She knew the clock was ticking on her temporary accommodations and the reality was drawing nearer that she and her family might become homeless. She began scouring the internet for resource organizations that she thought might be able to help. Her plea was simple, an RV to provide shelter for her family. The only one to reply was The Outreach Center for Children.

"The entire staff of the Outreach Center truly took ownership to helping our family and made a commitment to ensuring our success,'' said Meyers. ''Having recently lost a job to a change in ownership and management direction, the loss of income catapulted our family into dire straits. I had stumbled upon Outreach Center's website surprised to see the huge success they had in fundraising for many children's programs through the various donations of vehicles, boats, RV's and other real estate. I was desperate to find a means of keeping a roof over my family's head while having the mobility to meet the demands of long distant interviews to widen my job prospects. I simply asked if they would have a used motor home we could have. With Armageddon knocking at our door, the call came within a day of my inquiry. The kind voice introduced himself as a representative of the Outreach Center stating how they wanted to help us get an RV. Tears followed the immediate shock, it was the best new I had heard in the 40 days we had struggled."

"Our mission at the Outreach Center for Children is to be a voice of children in need across the country,'' said Harold Schwartz, President of Outreach Center for Children. ''What better way for us to ensure that this family can stay together while their mom gets back on her feet and obtains a position suitable to her experience."

The Outreach Center supports many services that help children to develop into healthy adults. Some of these services include providing hot meal programs, funding educational scholarships, replenishing school book inventories, and sending kids to summer camp. To donate your car for children call 800-515-6789. For more information visit the organization's web site at

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