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With all the car donation ads running on radio today, most people consider donating an old car when theirs is beyond repair. Few people think to donate their trucks.

The reality of most charitable car donation programs is that the organization you're donating to has a contract with a local salvage yard, auto recycler, or auto auction. They remove the car, pay the charity a set fee, and then see how much more they can get above their costs.

Trucks donations, especially commercial trucks, are most often worth a great deal more than the set fee the charity normally receives. They contain more scrap metal, and commercial vehicles tend to stay on the road longer, meaning a greater demand for spare parts. When people donate trucks, charities have the opportunity to generate a great deal more than car donations.

Fortunately, businesses are starting to look to truck donations because of the tax deduction they can claim on vehicles they would have previously simply junked. Some businesses have even donated whole fleets of commercial vehicles, and received huge tax benefits.

Car donations are obviously here to stay, and the businesses who donate trucks promise to continue the trend in the auto removal industry. Charities are becoming a key ''player'' in car removal, and will continue to try to convince businesses to donate their trucks.

Donate Your Used Car, Junk Car, RV or Vehicle to Outreach Center for Kids For more information please call us at


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If you are interested in making a car donation or may want to give to cars for kids or just looking for car charities, we can help.

Your car donation is dedicated to addressing the needs of children and their families, including their education, emotional, material and spiritual needs.
Although we are a Jewish organization and most of the donations go to help Jewish children, we also contribute to non-Jewish charities. If you would like the proceeds of your donation to go to a specific charity of any denomination, please ask one of our representatives

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