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Car donation program for childrens charitiesCall 800-515-6789 and our trained staff will make arrangements to have your vehicle donation picked up at your convenience, wherever it is, at no cost to you. We have car donation charity representatives standing by ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have with making your car donation.The process is very simple and we will handle all of the necessary paperwork for you. We will also arrange the details of your car donation pickup at no cost.

Tax Deductible Donations of Used Cars and Trucks Needed We at The Outreach Center believe that there is no cause more worthy than serving children who don't have access to the quality of food, clothing, shelter, and education that will help them to lead healthy lives and have a bright tomorrow. Donate a car to The Outreach Center and help us to make that pivotal difference in their lives.

Car Donation Charity Donate Your Car Call 1-800-977-3799 Outreach Crank Powered Flashlight" $20.00 All proceeds go to Help Kids in Need! Outreach is a non-profit organization committed to helping children of all backgrounds, whatever their religious, social, ethnic or cultural heritage. Outreach Center
Car For Kids DonationProgram
The Outreach Auto Donation Program - Charitable Car Donations Submit questions and comments to Outreach Center
Donate Your Used Car to Outreach Center for Kids, Donate Your Junk Car For more information please call us at


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If you are interested in making a car donation or may want to give to cars for kids or just looking for car charities, we can help.

Your car donation is dedicated to addressing the needs of children and their families, including their education, emotional, material and spiritual needs.
Although we are a Jewish organization and most of the donations go to help Jewish children, we also contribute to non-Jewish charities. If you would like the proceeds of your donation to go to a specific charity of any denomination, please ask one of our representatives

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