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We are fortunate that we have choices. What to much to eat. With so many choices to make during the course of a day, some of them can be very difficult. The Outreach Center is all about making good and positive choices because we feel obligated to give a choice to so many children who would otherwise go unheard. At the Outreach Center for Children, we are reaching out to you, the donor as a voice for underprivileged children. The Outreach Center supports many services that help these children to develop into healthy adults. Some of these services include providing hot meal programs, funding educational scholarships, replenishing school book inventories, and sending kids to summer camp.

car donation By providing these services, we are making a big difference for children. Let's face can be hard. Everyday can bring with it, new hurdles and obstacles to clear. Sometimes lifes' challenges can seem overwhelming, but fortunately for most of us, these roadblocks are usually, only temporary. We learn to deal with the curves life throws at us. We bounce back, a little stronger each time. Times get tough, but there are always those who have it worse than we do. Much worse.

As adults, we understand that life can sometimes be very difficult. Fortunately for many of us, the obstacles aren't as tough as they are for others. Since children aren't equipped or ready to handle life's problems at such an early age, children aren't able to handle life's hardships the way adults can. Psychological bruises can run deep, and are hard to repair. This type of pain can sometimes last a lifetime. At Outreach, our goal is to eradicate this pain from the heart and soul of every child. Children should be smiling & enjoying childhood, not worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

car donation We at Outreach are working hard each and every day, using all our resources to Tax Deductible Donations of Used Cars and Trucks Neededensure smiles on the mouths of these underprivileged children. We do it so that a hungry child turns into a well-fed one. And a well-fed child is a happy and productive one. Whether its' families we are helping with hot lunches, or children with summer camps in the mountains, can you imagine all the smiles we help create with all these different services. There's just one problem. We cannot reach as many children as we would like to unless we have your help and support.

For years, people could receive a large tax deduction for donating their car to a charity. The rules for car donation have changed however to account for new developments - And the way the deduction works precisely.

The IRS allows a tax deduction of:
(A) The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value - OR - (B) The amount we sell your vehicle for – if it is more than $500. We are 501 (3) charitable organization. You should check with your tax advisor or accountant to determine the amount of your benefit.

See this information on the IRS website : A Donors Guide to Car Donation

We have representatives standing by ready to answer your questions and to assist you in any way they can. Simply call 800-515-6789, and once you're ready to begin, our trained staff will make arrangements to have your automobile picked up at your convenience, wherever and whenever it is, at no cost to you.

With so many worthy causes all in need of your support, the choices can be quite overwhelming. Give to a charity that gives children a choice. Our children are our future and helping children is one of the best choices you can ever make. Please choose to help us in our mission. The Outreach Center for Children - Giving children a choice.

Donate Your Used Car to Outreach Center for Kids, Donate Your Junk Car For more information please call us at


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If you are interested in making a car donation or may want to give to cars for kids or just looking for car charities, we can help.

Your car donation is dedicated to addressing the needs of children and their families, including their education, emotional, material and spiritual needs.
Although we are a Jewish organization and most of the donations go to help Jewish children, we also contribute to non-Jewish charities. If you would like the proceeds of your donation to go to a specific charity of any denomination, please ask one of our representatives

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