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Meeting the needs of children is easier than we think. Anytime you donate a car or any vehicle through our vehicle donation program, you help provide essential needs to the children who need it the most. Less privileged children deserve every chance in the world to succeed. Children are in need of food and supplies everyday. They get the supplies they need because of the cars that are donated. Donations are not the only thing that is accepted, however. In addition, we also accept contributions of real estate and land.

Your car donation will benefit you as well. Any car donation is tax deductible regardless of the vehicle that is donated.

We accept any auto donations nationwide. This makes it possible for us to support dozens of childrens charities. Help save the life of a child by donating your vehicle and deliver the food and supplies they need to survive everyday. Feel great about the task you did and know that you have helped a worthy cause: The Outreach Center for Children.

Find your answers to your questions about donating your car here on our website. If you have further questions, please call or email the Outreach Center for Children.

"Cars For Kids Vehicle Donation Program"

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Click here to read some of the testimonials from children's charities that have benefited from The Outreach Auto Donation Program.

Vehicle Donation Program

Vehicle Donation Program

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Outreach is a non-profit organization committed to helping children of all backgrounds, whatever their religious, social, ethnic or cultural heritage.

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Car For Kids Donation Program
The Outreach Auto Donation Program - Charitable Car Donations
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If you are interested in making a car donation or may want to give to cars for kids or just looking for car charities, we can help.

Your car donation i dedicated to addressing the needs of children and their families, including their education, emotional, material and spiritual needs.
Although we are a Jewish organization and most of the donations go to help Jewish children, we also contribute to many non-Jewish charities.